Photography and image-making technology is reaching out in many new directions at once and at speed. Digital cameras no longer just provide easier ways to make traditional photos. Chris and Ade investigate emerging and future tech that will help us all make new and exciting photographs and images. Cameras, devices, software, hardware - we aim to cover all angles in the pursuit of The Future of Photography.

146 False Positives

02 . 09 . 2020


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With all the facial image recognition now around, a real problem is false positives. False ID, false gender recognition, poor performance for people of colour - there are many problems. Inspired by a slightly humorous occurrence, we discuss some serious societal issues and one fascinating instance of someone actually doing something to improve the situation. CAVEAT: this conversation is clearly the tip of an iceberg, we have not attempted an exhaustive coverage so please join in the conversation to help us further it. Links from the conversation: San Francisco recently banned facial recognition technology, Even in photocopying it can go wrong as Xerox found out to its cost, AI, Ain’t I a Woman? Joy Buolamwinithe algorithmic justice league. Picks of the week: Remembering Russell A. Kirsch, Pencil not Watch, Photorealistic Roman Emperors, Banana art.

145 Ten Years From Now: Presentation

26 . 08 . 2020


Watch this episode on YouTube Join our discord for more TFOP fun! This week we have another instalment of our mini series on "10 years from now..." talking about how imagery will be presented at that time. Clearly some extrapolation and speculation is required so we cover micro LED walls, electronic paper, holograms and more. Some links from the discussion: E-ink, LED wall installations. Picks of the week: Big screen VR, Printing on marshmallows Atmoph windows, #tfopnow on Flickr.

144 The Future of Self Love

19 . 08 . 2020


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It's impossible to discuss societal impacts of photography without considering the selfie - so this week we do just that. We all know the impact is huge but it has multiple dimensions, some quite serious, and we aim to cover those in this show and also consider (of course) the future of selfies and self-portraits. The links this week are well worth reading and watching... Vivan Maier self portraits, Lizzy Gadd Photography, Young women, narcissism and the selfie phenomenon - Mary McGill tedX talk, How artists are using the selfie as a radical weapon for change. Picks of the week: Photographer F.C. Gundlach, Website with great tips on phone photography including selfies, 10 masters of self-portraits. Selfie laughs, Societal impact of selfies.

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