Photography and image-making technology is reaching out in many new directions at once and at speed. Digital cameras no longer just provide easier ways to make traditional photos. Chris and Ade investigate emerging and future tech that will help us all make new and exciting photographs and images. Cameras, devices, software, hardware - we aim to cover all angles in the pursuit of The Future of Photography.

124 Our Influences (pt 1)

01 . 04 . 2020


Chris and Jeremiah talk about their photographic influences. Irving Penn was a master at both fashion color, black and white global portraiture, and exploring the mundane as astonishing using platinum palladium processes. His grasp at the technical and his outstanding approach to color created a dynamic path to follow. Emulating much of his processes led me to find my own way. Edward Weston was a master of portraiture both formal and extemporaneous. His images of field workers contrast with his pictures of the some of the most amazing artists of his time. He created timeless work in landscape and his prints are nothing short of outstanding. Jim Rakete is a German photographer who became a music manager (Nina Hagen, Nena), influenced an entire generation with his LP covers and returned to full-time photography again and works from Berlin and Hollywood.

123 Creative Lockdown

25 . 03 . 2020


Today we share ideas for creative endeavour in the face of adversity - and lockdown. We discuss artistic inspiration, triny new things at home and even photographing new social behaviour from a safe distance (not TFOP advice that last one). If all else fails, tidy up your archive and refresh your portfolio! Picks of the week: A book of assignments, inspiration from Mary-Ruth Walsh, Reusable whiteboard on a roll and from Chris - Be Prepared!

121 Driven to Abstraction

18 . 03 . 2020


Is photography a viable medium for abstraction? A ranging discussion this week on the nature of abstract photography - we cover technique, equipment, serendipity, artistic intent and of course WDTMFTFOP? Some links from the conversation: Man Ray, Stephanie Jung, Decim8, Crazy macro lens, Lens ball. Picks of the week: Learn about abstract photography, Andrew S Gray, Alfred Stieglitz - cloud series, Frances Seward - ‘inner’ landscapes.

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