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A new voice

We love to produce TFOP every week and in 2019 we want to add a new voice to the team!

We are looking for a fresh perspective, curiosity and ability to think wild thoughts about the future - and someone not afraid to be wrong 😀

Do you have a passion/obsession/ambition to make images? Do you love video, post production, photography, colour, gadgets, computers? Or do you just not care about the tech and want to get on with it? Can you make a commitment to producing a weekly show? If so, you’ll fit right in!

A few obvious things: It helps if you're fluent in English. You should also have a decent internet connection to make our recording sessions run smoothly. And to be absolutely clear: This not a paid job. We are not making any money with TFOP at this point.

Hear for yourself

At the beginning of episode 76 we talk about this for a few minutes, have a listen here.

If all of the above excites you then…

...record a one minute audio piece in which you tell us about yourself and why you think we should choose you. Audio quality is secondary at this point - show us personality and interest in what we do!

Send your recording to and we will be in touch.

What next?

We are planning to collect applications until Jun 1 2019. Possibly a bit longer, depending on how many we get. After that we will contact you with our decision or with further questions.