Photography and image-making technology is reaching out in many new directions at once and at speed. Digital cameras no longer just provide easier ways to make traditional photos. Chris and Ade investigate emerging and future tech that will help us all make new and exciting photographs and images. Cameras, devices, software, hardware - we aim to cover all angles in the pursuit of The Future of Photography.

132 $€£500 Kit Challenge

27 . 05 . 2020


The very near future of photography for those of us just making first steps into dedicated cameras. What are your options for $£€500? The team all have a go at this question. We get some interesting stuff from Jeremiah ([1]( ),2,3) and old-but-good school from Chris (4). Adrian says go niche (5,6) or get what your mate has - and then Eimear completely nails the brief (7,8,9,10,11). WDTMFTFOP? Best ask Eimear ;-). Picks of the week: Pro DSLR + Cheapo Lens vs "Cheapo" DSLR + Pro Lens, The Miracle Sudoku, Pixelmator Photo: Pro Editor - colour wheels!, Liquid lens, ND Filters for iPhone.

131 Almost Niche Editing Tools

20 . 05 . 2020


Continuing our theme of niche tools, today it is the turn of editing tools. Led by Jeremiah we show a whole lotta love for the little guys. Ok, they're not all little, but they are clever and useful and fun! Mentioned in the show: Topaz A.I. Gigapixel, Vintage Scene, Tonality, Snap heal, DXO suite, Noiseless, Pixelmator, SilverFX pro, Mylio, Cadrage, Snapseed. Picks of the week: Processing,org, Diptic, Image2LUT, Distressed FX.

130 Niche use bespoke design (Pt 2)

13 . 05 . 2020


Inspired by an article about a niche use case camera kickstarted in 2018, the team have designed their own niche cameras. This week Chris gets to talk about his design which intersting nuances and trade-offs. What did Chris design? What does it mean for the future of camera design? Picks of the week: New Raspberry Pi camera, Lens Flare by BrainFeverMedia, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

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Firtz-Designs: QuorX II

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