Photography and image-making technology is reaching out in many new directions at once and at speed. Digital cameras no longer just provide easier ways to make traditional photos. Chris and Ade investigate emerging and future tech that will help us all make new and exciting photographs and images. Cameras, devices, software, hardware - we aim to cover all angles in the pursuit of The Future of Photography.

156 Fictional Storytelling in Photography (whats next?)

18 . 11 . 2020


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From the Cottingley Fairies to recent fictional autobiography, there is a long and proud history of telling fictional stories through photography. We take a leisurely stroll through a whole bunch of fiction including: Mathew Brady, Chris Marker's LaJette, David Levinthal, Stephen Leslie, Jeff Wall, Kevin Moore, Cindy Sherman, Gregory Crewdson.

Picks of the week: Co-manufacturing with Edelkrone, Claire Marie Bailey, Jeremiah Chechik, Jerry Uelsmann.

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